Fire & Lasers

Fall is my favorite time of year… a feeling shared by many, especially in South Louisiana. It hasn’t really cooled down too much here but last night we had our first (of hopefully many) fires and the weather chilled down nicely for us. Just cool enough to break out a hoodie. I removed myself from the group for a portion of the night to do a little astrophotography, and then took pics of our friends around the fire. Hello Fall.

the gas clouds rising up in this photo are the gas clouds of our galaxy, the Milky Way


The little group of stars is the Pleiades Star Cluster… one of my favorite objects in the fall/winter night sky

there’s a blurry white star in the center of this photo, almost looks like a smudge… it’s the Andromeda Galaxy… the nearest galaxy to our Milky Way.



These green lights are actually my friends laser. I set the camera up for this shot and then we played with the laser while the picture was being taken.

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