So, it’s been awhile…

Our last blog post was a sneak peek at Jami & Tony’s wedding, back in 2012. We never got around to posting the full set. Over the next few days, I’ll work on getting a few of the sessions that we’ve done over the break put up here on the site… including Jami & Tony’s wedding. We’re officially getting things back up, and most of the site has gotten the much needed update. Pricing has also been updated for 2018.

Since our last post, Tracey & I have grown our family by two! We have a three year old son, River, and an infant, Wren. We haven’t gotten a chance to do any nice photos with Wren yet, but here’s some of River during our recent Louisiana snow day in early December 2017. Snow is a big deal on the Gulf coast, and we’ve gotten a significant amount (for us) this winter.


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