Uncooperative Easter

Working with kids can always be unpredictable. It’s especially true when it’s your own. As Easter closed in on us (the date creeping up as usual), I realized that we needed to get Easter photos of River & Wren. We had a little bit of time the week before Easter Sunday to try to get it done. We were gonna try to squeeze it in with some time at my parents house. We headed to a location that I thought would be pretty, with several small ponds and moss-draped cypress trees. Everything was looking like it may work out, except River wasn’t having the most stellar day. Anyone with a three-year-old knows that their demeanor can change in a matter of seconds… but I was determined.

The thing is, when working with other parents’ kids, you can find ways to try and get the kids to warm up to you. With your own, they already know you and aren’t afraid of throwing a fit. I got a couple of good shots with River, while talking to him about his favorite Avenger, Captain America. Wren wasn’t a problem – she just rolled with it. But then we had a meltdown. I had to keep at least one less-than-ideal shot of the two of them.


In the end, we had a great day and I got a few great photos of my son in his element; playing outside with his Papa (my Dad).


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