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Uncooperative Easter

Working with kids can always be unpredictable. It’s especially true when it’s your own. As Easter closed in on us (the date creeping up as usual), I realized that we needed to get Easter photos of River & Wren. We had a little bit of time the week before Easter

Two Year Old Easter

My Son, River, will be turning 4 this summer. Two Years ago, when he was 2, Tracey wanted to get some pictures of him for Easter. We took him to the park and did a short session, but I’m not sure that we did anything with these pictures. Matter of

The Magic Hour: Early Evening Photography in Morgan City

Morgan City is a small bayou town here in south Louisiana. Well, I say “bayou town”, but it sits on the banks of the lower-Atchafalaya River. It’s a big commercial fishing and shrimping community, and there’s no denying it’s role in the oil and gas industry. It also holds a

So, it’s been awhile…

Our last blog post was a sneak peek at Jami & Tony’s wedding, back in 2012. We never got around to posting the full set. Over the next few days, I’ll work on getting a few of the sessions that we’ve done over the break put up here on the


Ok, we had a fisheye attachment before, but now we have a real fisheye lens. The attachment is not a bad lens combination at all, but the advantage that this fisheye lens has over the attachment is that the attach fit onto a zoom lense which the widest angle was

Fire & Lasers

Fall is my favorite time of year… a feeling shared by many, especially in South Louisiana. It hasn’t really cooled down too much here but last night we had our first (of hopefully many) fires and the weather chilled down nicely for us. Just cool enough to break out a

Some of Our Friends

This was kinda an impromptu photo session that Tracey had with some of our friends a few weeks ago. I was playing guitar during a practice and they were hanging out taking pics. Mark being grumpy…   

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