What to Expect

If you’re deciding on a photographer for your next event or portraits, you probably like to know a little bit more about the way we work. Hopefully, this helps!

Photography Style

You may have heard the different terms used; traditional, photojournalism, editorial, documentary, etc. I’d like to think that we don’t fit into just one category. Some of the photos that we take are traditional, some are photojounalism, etc. A lot of photographers do not fall into one category. That’s because every photographer’s style is different. If what you see on our page isn’t a style that you prefer, I’d be happy to help you find a photographer who would better fit what you’re looking for!


Formal Wedding Portraits

When shooting weddings, a lot of couples want formal shots. That’s cool! Normally, what I like to do is get formals of the bridal party, immediate family, and grandparents. It’ll usually take around 20-30 mins. I’m not limiting the amount of formals that I take, but that’s normally what I like to stay around.


Bride & Groom Wedding Portraits

Some brides (& grooms) like the idea of having portraits of just the two of them on wedding day. Something a little bit different than the traditional Bride & Groom formals. I enjoy shooting these sessions! If you would like to do these, and your wedding is scheduled later in the day (after 5pm), I’d suggest doing a “first look” session. A “first look” session is where the bride & groom get to see each other before the ceremony. This allows for the photographer to get in some time before the ceremony to get some shots of the two of you, and just the two of you. If you’d rather go the more traditional route and save that moment for the walk down the aisle, that’s absolutely fine too! But in order to get the portraits of just the two of you, it may become necessary to get together at a later date to do those portraits.



We hope to one day get the chance to travel doing wedding photography. As of this moment, we are booking in and around the state of Louisiana! If you live in Louisiana and are planning a destination wedding, contact us and we can discuss it further!

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